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Why Why not? For over 30 years I have been helping you get housing, so why not help me buy my house and get something for yourself at the same time. You know the traffic on, so buying a pixel ad is a win-win situation. There are plenty of pixels for sale homepages out there but few with the circulation of! If you do not want to advertise, but want to support a charity, you can buy pixels and have them link to a charity of your choice. When the site is sold out, a charity may keep their space or auction it off for the full proceeds. At 10¢ per pixel, after taxes the pixels should pay for my house and leave even more for charity and other good causes.
Boston Apartments Pink horizontal rule

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Boston Apartments Pink horizontal rule

Buy Pixels

Buy pixels, help promote your site, help support & give to charity all at the same time!

SPECIAL OFFER! Buy 10 blocks and get a FREE baseball cap!

  • Pixel Ad Advertising space is sold by the square, in one square increments.
  • Each square is ten [10] pixels by ten [10] pixels or one hundred [100] pixels total.
  • Each single square costs $10.00 (U.S.)
  • Minimum purchase is one square.
  • Maximum purchase are all the remaining, unsold squares at the time of purchase (barring any squares in the purchase queue ahead, earlier in time, of your order) .

To Buy Pixels

Pre-Order Steps
  1. Read the Terms and Conditions below.
  2. Select your desired square or set of squares (in a square/rectangular grouping) from the unsold squares.
  3. Calculate the total price of your desired square(s).
  4. Create your non-animated GIF or JPEG image proportional to your square(s) to ensure the look of your image is what you want displayed on the pixel page.
Order Steps
You may call me at 617-254-5501 with orders or questions about this site. Ordering on the phone will still require the following steps:

1. Email

2. Attach your pixel ad to your email. If you do not want an ad, but just want to buy a box of pixels, please pick your favorite color and let me know how many pixels you want or buy space for a charity and have the pixels point to that charity of your choice. When the site is filled, the charities that occupy space on can have the option of leaving the ads and links, or auctioning them off on ebay and take 100% of the proceeds of that auction.

3. Please include the following:

  • Include your first name, last name, city, state, country, zip code, email address (if not the correct email address you are sending order from), and company name (if applicable).
  • Your full phone number (including country and/or area code) and the best time I can reach you if I have questions regarding your order.
  • The name of the web site you will be linking to.
  • The full URL of the web site's page you will be linking to (I recommend the web site's homepage). Please include the "http://".
  • The numerical row and column number of the square you wish to buy. If buying a set of squares (in a larger square or rectangular grouping), also include the count of squares across and down that are to be included in your order. Remember, for multiple square/rectangular regions, please submit a separate payment and order for each grouping. If the placement requested is not available, the closest available spot will be used.
  • The alternate image text (the "ALT" text or a.k.a. the hover text) you want displayed in a mouseover of your image. Please try to limit the "ALT" text to sixty [60] characters or less.
  • Payment is via an invoice from Paypal or by US Post. You may send the same with payment via US mail to:

      Eric Boyer
      40 Brock Street
      Brighton, MA 02135

    For orders equal to or larger than $2,000.00 (U.S.), it is recommended you wire transfer the funds for your order or send a check via US Mail. For wire transfers, please send an email to to arrange for the purchase of your square(s). Wait for a return email from It will either be an acceptance letter or a denial letter with information on why your submission was denied. If you are accepted, your image should appear on the pixel page within 48 hours.

  • Thank you very much!

  • Terms and Conditions

    • The site and homepage will be guaranteed to be online for a minimum of five [5] U.S. secular calendar years (barring any major changes to the web in general) starting from the web site's launch date of 01/01/2006. If no squares are sold, the web site may be taken down before the guaranteed period elapses.
    • When you buy a square or square(s), you are not buying any part of the homepage or this web site. Instead, you are only being granted, upon our acceptance of your submission and the subsequent receipt of purchase funds, the right to display your image based web link on our homepage in the respective location you selected and that we approved of for the guaranteed "life" of my web site.
    • Each order is for one square/rectangular region comprised of one or more squares. To purchase complex or distributed sets of squares, please place a separate order for each square/rectangular grouping of squares.
    • Submitted links must point to legitimate web pages only (i.e. no FTP, mail-to, etc.).
    • I will not accept web sites that display or promote obscene/mature, offensive, hateful, or illegal subject matter to be determined at my discretion. If at a later time the content of the accepted site that the "link" is linked to changes to display or promote obscene/mature, offensive, hateful, or illegal subject matter, your image and link will be taken down until the infraction is corrected. If the infraction is not corrected within thirty [30] U.S. secular calendar days, you forfeit your square(s), which will become publicly available for purchase by others, and you will not receive a refund. I am not responsible during this "downtime" for any diminished or lost web traffic and/or earnings.
    • All order submissions are subject to my approval. I have the right to refuse service.
    • You must have the legal authority to promote the web site you are submitting as well as the legal authority to use the image and link your are submitting.
    • Submitted images must be the exact size (in pixels) of the square(s) being purchased in your current order.
    • Submitted images must be in a non-animated GIF or JPEG format.
    • Submitted links must begin with the customary "http://".
    • Once your accepted image and link are on the homepage, you will only be able to change the image or link by way of either:
      • having a documented and binding court decision (i.e. lawsuits/judgments against you) that requires changes to said image and/or link, or
      • paying a $20 (U.S.) administrative fee for changes to said image and/or link with a limit of one change per seven [7] day period.
    • If your image and link are accepted and published on the homepage, you will not be eligible for a refund.
    • If for any reason of your choosing you wish for your image and link to be removed from the homepage, your request will be granted but you will not receive a refund and all square(s) associated with said image and link will become publicly available for purchase by others.
    • As with any web site, I will have occasional downtime for maintenance. I am also not responsible for outages due to natural disasters or due to things outside of our control.
    • Your purchase funds must be fully received and cleared before your square(s) appear on our homepage.
    • Once your purchase funds have cleared my bank (for wire transfers) or our PayPal account, you will be sent an email notification of the fund clearance and your image and link will then be live within 48 hours of said email.

    © Copyright sm - All rights reserved.